Hunger Power  –

The fire of our body works to digest food. If this fire gets dim for some reason then the food is not properly digested Appetite Growth. Due to not digesting food properly, many diseases occur in the body.

Hunger Power
Hunger Power

Vata, bile, and cuff become contaminated with irregular eating. Due to this, hunger stops and complaints of indigestion, indigestion, air disorder and pitta are coming up. Hunger stops, body breaks, tastes worse, feels heaviness in the stomach, stomach worsens, keeps the mind bad.

 Understand that the whole system of the body gets spoiled completely. It should always be avoided by menstruation and should use these prescriptions if there is a problem.

In today’s remedy for appetite loss or hunger, we are going to tell you some family tips today, with the help of which you can increase appetite for any tonic drug pills. Fortunately, you do not have to be hungry. And food comes incomplete due to incomplete. Do not ignore such a Vedas. Proper treatment should be done at the right time.

Signs of Appetite Growth and Hunger Loss  :

Not wanting to eat,

 Lack of taste in the mouth,

 Eating stomach,

 Stomach and lack of appetite.

 Not wanting to eat,

 lack of taste in the mouth,

 eating stomach,

 stomach and lack of appetite.

  If a spoon is found, it is better to eat appetite with a pinch of lemon and a spoon in a citric acid after eating it.
Appetite Growth and Hunger growth Treatment  –

If hunger does not occur, half a fish can be bloated. Take one cup of lukewarm water two times three times.

 Licking black salt loses gas, and hunger increases, it also cleanses the stomach.

 It is better to drink the vermicompost with nuts and jaggery or with rock salt.

 Make a powder by grinding the cotton gram with a mixture of rock salt, asafoetida, and trifle. Mix the old good equal to this powder and mix all the powders and make small tablets. Start taking one or two pillows with fresh water daily. These pills are taken after eating. This will increase food and also increase hunger.

 Taking the head with Neem’s nibbles increases appetite and also destroys the skin diseases of the body.

 By making a powder of hard goose and sauna and taking it with a little bit of whey daily, the appetite opens.

 Mixing dry ginger in ghee and drinking lots of hot water can make you feel hungry.

 Eating grinded ginger before rocking before eating it increases appetite.

 Sprinkle red chilies in lemon juice for forty days and make two tablets.

Eating a pill each day increases appetite.

 Make roti by mixing rock salt and oven in ganglia bran. This leads to a lot of hunger.

And Moth Dal is the destroyer of mildew and fever.

 Drink 1.5-gram sambhar salt every morning and drink water.

Madangni’s name will disappear.

 Take out the pulp of two incantations and cook it in three hundred grams of milk.

Drink milk on the back of the incantations.

This also digested meals and also leads to hunger. Take in cumin seeds, dry ginger, oregano small pepper, and black pepper shares. Add some beans to it.

Make a powder by grinding them all thoroughly. Mix one spoon of this powder with buttermilk and drink it daily.

By taking up to two weeks, you will be given any benefit in constipation. Half an hour before meals, appetite by eating a mixture of the gram, carrot, tomatoes, leaf cabbage, spinach, and other green greens, vegetables, and legumes.

 Eating apples also increases appetite and also cleanses the blood. Grate the celery of forty grams, rock salt, ten grams, and place it in a clean bottle.

Fill two grams of gram powder daily in it and drink water from above.

This will also increase hunger and eradicable diseases.

 Soak one bread in fennel water.

Add quadruple sugar mixed in this water and cook it.

Licking this syrup increases appetite.

 Make sure that the sweetened tamarind leaves, rock salt or black salt, black pepper and asafoetida, make the refreshing of the drink.

 Lying with one gram of roasted powdered honey of joyful, the gastrogine prevails and the brain is removed.

 Fennel, sugarcane and sugar candy all should take an equal portion and take fresh water daily with fresh water.

This makes digestion power stronger. Taken with the hot water and salt, remove the lightness.

Taking litchi before meals increase digestion and hunger. Pomegranate is also an appetizer.

It consumes appetite by consuming it. Lemon juice mixed with water daily, it increases appetite.

Drinking half a glass of pineapple juice before applying food leads to an increase in appetite.

Due to the fall of the watermelon seeds, the appetite increases.

Bale fruit or juice is also an appetizer.

 Eating by making chutney of bay leaves increases appetite and Food is also digested.

 If a spoon is found, it is better to eat appetite with a pinch of lemon and a spoon in a citric acid after eating it.

 Take a puffed rice mixture with the first grass of rice, together with the asafoetida, cumin seeds, cumin seeds, parsley, and semolina.

 If you eat lemons while eating daily, the food needs to be digested and hungry. Drink plenty of boiled water for a long time.

Drinking hot water is more beneficial. Increased appetite by having a small fragment of the food that is made after adding a scarf. If you eat the chutney of mint, ginger, garlic, eat it and it takes an appetite. And there is an increase in food.

 If you do not want to eat bitter and bite, then add three to four mango seeds to one cup of water and then squeeze them.

Take a pinch of cumin powder in the water and take a whip. Lack of appetite is a symptom of slowing digestive power.

Add some such foods to the flowers, vegetables, and butter. After eating a pinch of butter, cumin seeds, cumin seeds, and spinach, it helps to increase the appetite and helps in the growth of your appetite. Avoid drinking water before bedtime, do not sit day and exercise regularly.