• Girls have to face many problems in menstruation. There are also many hormonal changes this day, due to which they do not have good mood and they are healthy but if you want to avoid these menstruating menstruation, Soak the foze in brandy and keep it on the stomach’s navel, this will give you freedom from these things.                                                                                               
  • Many women have to face various types of complaints of menstruation.                                                 
  • Sometimes the bleeding may not occur before 21 days, such complaints are usually not seen for a few months, and the usual complaints . all these complaints are caused by the changes in the hormones

                   Image result for Menstrual period                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Why Irregular Periods are: –                                                                                                          

  • The way we looked up, we have to face irregular periods due to non-life style.                                                                                        
  • Women who work for the day and can not afford time, those women should first learn to give themselves time, the more time you give yourself, the more ovulation cycle will be properly.                
  • It is important for a person’s body to sleep for approximately 7 to 8 hours The woman or woman who does not sleep for 7 to 8 hours has to face irregular periods.                                                 
  • Therefore women should take complete sleep, taking full sleep gives the body sufficient amounts of comfort and all the activities of the body work properly.                                                                   
  • Due to Irregular Periods, women sometimes take excessive stress Especially during pregnancy, the woman does not have knowledge about periods and women get more stress if you are going through pregnancy days, then you have to always keep in mind that periods in pregnancy do not come.                                                                                                                                                      
  • During the period, drinking brown sugar and ginger tea in the stomach cramps gives relief.                     
What is the reason for having irregular menstruation?

There are two major reasons for the delay in female periods: 

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome i.e. PCOS being one of the most important causes of irregular menstruation is the main reason for no delay.                                                                                             
  • External changes such as sudden weight gain or sudden loss of weight There is always irregularity in periods due to stress.                                                                                                        
  • Women travel heavily in the body due to fatigue and they have to face irregular menstruation.        
  • The biggest and most important reason for not having a menstrual cycle is pregnancy This is the main reason for delay in menstruation.                                                                                             
These home remedies for regular periods:                                                                                                   
  • Do yoga to remove irregularities in Periods: It has been found that it has been found to be an effective remedy in the related problems of Yoga Periods.                                                               
  • Yoga for 30 to 40 minutes daily and Yoga for 5 days in the week reduces the pain of periods and due to this the effect of blood in our body remains intact.                                                           
  • Flammable Flowers helps regularize menstrual period by balancing estrogen and progesterone in the body.                                                                                                                                                
  • Mix one spoon honey mixed with Tulsi leaf juice .This will help in regularizing of menstrual cycle.                                                                                                                                                        
  • Drinking grapes every day helps you get rid of irregular menstrual cycle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Image result for Tulsi leaf juice                                                         
  • Take a bowl of coriander or fennel seeds once a day. Soak dry coriander or fennel in water overnight and drink it in the morning. This will also make your troubles go away.                                    
  • To avoid the problem of period, Controlling :                                                                                    
  • If there is a sudden change in your body then it has a very bad effect on your health, just like this, if your weight suddenly starts decreasing or suddenly increases.                                              
  • So that’s the reason why you can make changes in periods So you should take good care of your food side and if possible, balance your weight                                                                                     
  • Soak white sesame in water overnight and drink it twice a day.                                                                 
  • Menstrual cycle continues in menstrual cycle. It also provides relief from the tragedy. Iron deficiency causes women to suffer from menstrual problems. Mix one spoon of honey with one spoon of honey and drink it daily.                                                                                                                         
  • To avoid the problem of periods, take ginger:                                                                                     
  • Ginger is believed to be home remedies for Periods because ginger acts as an effective drug in the period of periods. If possible, you should drink a cup of ginger in a cup of tea daily, which reduces the pain of your periods.
Balance the amount of vitamin C in the body for irregular menstruation:
  • If you are having irregular menstruation, you should keep the amount of vitamin D in the body more Because vitamin D does not cause much illness in our body, Vitamin D will be found in milk dairy products, so consuming milk is beneficial for periods.

Use Apple Cider Vinager for Periods Pain:
  • Apple cider vinegar, that is, weighing apples in a fair amount of weight, we balance our weight and this brings the periods to the right time.                                                                                           

                                   Image result for Apple Cider

Eating pineapple is beneficial in menstruation:
  • If you are looking for home remedies for authentic bicycles, then it will be OK to eat pineapple Due to bromelin in pineapple, it reduces pain in periods and you get relief from menstrual cramps as well as headaches in menstruation.
What to eat during periods should be eaten:

Mole: –
  • A limited amount of sesame food is good for health. But it is okay to eat it in the right quantity as the body produces heat in the body by eating more sesame seeds.
Eggs: –
  • The boiled egg contains plenty of proteins, calcium and vitamins. Eating white portion of protein-containing egg will not delay your periods and the periods will come in time.
Almond : –
  • Due to having good amounts of almonds in the almonds, the hormones become balance in your body and you do not even have a weekend.
Curd : –
  • Due to eating yogurt your body gets cold so your periods will not be delayed on time.
Red or Black Grapes: –
  • Every day, drinking a glass of black or red grapes and drinking it will remove the complaint of your monthly arthritis, it is like an Ayurvedic home remedies.
Green leafy vegetables: –
  • Periods come quickly from eating vegetables like spinach and eggplant. And after the period of periods, the pain like the back pain, the pain is reduced to you.
Fig : –
  • By eating 4-5 figs daily, you will be treated home remedies for Irregular Periods.                             
  • The answer to what to do for a period is FIG, in which there is a large amount of iron irons in abundance. Therefore, eat 4 or 5 figs daily.
Consume radish juice:

  • If you have Irregular Period Problem then you should remove radish juice and make buttermilk with cumin seeds and drink it.                                                                                                              
  • By doing this you will always be able to treat the arrival of Mahavira in the home Ayurvedic manner.                                                                                                                                                       
  • Gull is also beneficial for women’s menstrual periods. When the stomach is unhappy, it will stop stopping the stomach if it comes to the menstruation.                                                                 
  • Menstruation is a natural process in women If there is irregularity in menstrual cycle then other disorders are created in the body of the woman The reason for this can be any disease within the body. If it is not smooth, the woman is deprived of her motherhood throughout life.                    
  • Three times a day, 2-2 grams of NaMa should be consumed with hot water This opens menstruation.                                                                                                                                          
  • Make a cup of onion soup Slice a little jaggery in it This will stop the menstrual cycle stopping           
  • Banyan jata, fenugreek and kalounji – take all the 3-3 grams of quantity and take a rough coat. Then add all the ingredients in half a kilo of water and make a decoction When the water is halfway, then filter it and drink sugar in it                                                                                                   
  • 50 grams of satos, 30 grams of jaggery, 5 grams bybinding and 5 grams of barley – all of them in thick and thick cotton flour and boiled in two cups of water. When the water is half a cup, then consume the decoction The paused menstruation will open.                                                         
  • Take 3 grams of basil root powder with honey                                                                                     
  • Menstruation begins to appear by drinking 10 grams of sesame seeds, 2 grams, black pepper, two small peepal and a little sugar-made decoction.                                                                               
  • Take the empty stomach in the amount of two teaspoons of guarpatha for approximately two weeks                                                                                                                                                      
  • By preparing a raw papaya vegetable for a few days, menstruation begins to appear openly             
  • Drinking a dose of juice of one spoon daily in the morning every morning opens the menstrual cycle                                                                                                                                                            
  • By taking 3 grams black pepper powder with honey, the menstrual is heated                                        
  • Many women have been overdue for 3 months but still they need consult a doctor                             
  • If your periods are coming more than once in 21 days then you are in dire need of doctor’s advice                                                                                                                                                      
  • Due to the flow of periods more than 1 week, you may have to face many problems, so it is very important for you to consult a doctor.