In digital age, spending hours and hours in front of TVs, mobile phones and computers has increased in recent years. Many do not want this glasses. To overcome this problem, Ayurveda has many remedies that can reduce the number of specimens in terms of vision and clarity. Let’s know about some of these remedies.

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Share of cumin and sugarcane together Take this mixture with one spoon each day.

Massage the feet with sesame oil before going to bed every night.

 Eat green tea every day. Antioxidants help in keeping eyes healthy.

Soak the water in the water at night and wash your eyes in the morning.

 Soak 6-7 almonds each night and eat it in the morning.

 Spoon with a spoon of 3-4 green cardamom Take this mixture with a glass of milk.

 Improves eye sight by consuming regular juice.

 Mix one spoon of turmeric, 2 almonds and half a spoonful of coriander with a fine powder. Pour this mixture into a glass of milk before going to bed.

 Add green vegetables regularly to your daily diet. Antioxidants maintain healthy eyes health.

 Massage the walnut oil on all four sides of the eye. This will be useful.

By the above remedies, your optical number can definitely be reduced. Specially it is Ayurvedic remedy, so you will not have any side effects.