Many people suffer from underarm dysfunction, especially women. Cleanliness of the underarm is also necessary for cleaning the face and hands. The main reason for underarm dermaturity can be to use deodorant, shaving, or use of any type of chemical. Due to underarm darkness, wearing sleeveless dresses makes it difficult to wear. Today you are asking for certain home remedies to remove underarm darkness.

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Baking soda  –  Baking soda is the most effective solution to remove underarm dermatitis. It also removes Dead and Damage cells and removes sweat odor. Take a little bit of baking soda and add water to it and make paste. Put the paste on the underarm. Wash the paste after drying. Once in a week, this solution will be destroyed by underarm darkness.

Milk – Vitamin and fatty acids available in milk make them soft in addition to removing underarm darkness. Curd can also be used to remove underarm darkness.

How to Use –  Mix paste of milk, curd and wheat flour, and make paste. Place this paste on the underarm for 15 minutes. Wash the paste with water after rubbing.

Lemon  – Whether there is dark skin or underarms, lemon is a panacea. It has different qualities like antibacterial and antiseptic. Also available in this acid is useful for the skin. Removed dead skin (Dead skin).

How to Use

 –  Cut a lime before bathing and apply some moisturizer on the underarms. After bathing, use the mosquito net.

 –  Make a paste mixed with a pinch of turmeric and honey and lemon juice. Put this paste on the 10-minute underarms. After drying the paste, wash it with cold water.

Cucumber  –  Cucumber softens skin in addition to eliminating darkness on the skin. Also, cucumber can be used on the skin in any way.

How to use  –  Sprinkle lemon juice and turmeric on the cucumber and on the underarms. In addition to bleaching the lime, removes dead cells while the cucumber provides a cooling effect for the skin. Various Ayurvedic qualities are available in Haladi.

Orange  –  Orange year is also very useful for reducing underarm darkness. This eliminates not only Darkness, but also maintains the aroma of the body. The year of the orange year filled with the blitching properties is also useful for scrubbing.

Use this to be used
 –  Take out the orange juice in the shade and prepare its powder. Make a paste of mixed milk and rose water in a small quantity of this powder. Put this paste on underarm darkness for a short period of time and wash it after drying. Regular use of this remedy will reduce the problem of underarm dermatitis.

 –  Turmeric removes skin fatness and underarm darkness. This brightens the color of the skin. Take a little turmeric and mix the milk in it and make paste. Paste on the underarm and wash it after drying. This solution will benefit if once in a week.

  –  Cut a piece of fresh aloe from it. Remove the gel (gar) from this piece on the underarm daily. This will remove underarm darkness.