Breastfeeding Problems Treatment | Breastfeeding Tips

What is Breastfeeding :Breastfeeding Can there be anything for more milk and non-milking mothers? Breastfeeding Problems- Such questions are made to mothers without impaired milk. So you can see what you can do to make the following. And it should not be given to the baby for the first four months and a maximum of 6 months outside or water. Only Breastfeeding should be given to the baby.

Breastfeeding Problems Treatment

Breastfeeding Problems Treatment

Breastfeeding :

In the diet of these ten components, it will help to increase the mother’s milk Mother’s diet should be square, healthy, and perfect.

Breastfeeding mothers require a lot of caloric intake, calcium, and iron. She should eat more than usual.

And also drink plenty of water. Breastfeeding is necessary for the first six months for the baby to grow after the baby ‘s birth Ya milk contains nutrients.

For this reason, mothers need a healthy diet to get milk in Yoga.

The diet of the following foods helps in increasing the milk yield Fenugreek is a component of galactagogues (galactagogues) in fenugreek.

And this substance helps in improving the mother’s milk.

Many doctors tell new mothers to eat fenugreek foods.

Bishops also have their milking properties.

Mother consumes meals every day after meals because it helps in digesting food.

And opposed to constipation, the mothers who normally have this problem after delivery.

Garlic is herbal.

And it’s the therapeutic plant.

The milk produces milk and some studies have concluded that the mother who uses the chest of the baby is fed more milk than other mothers.

The amount of cumin that can be added in the cinnamon helps to increase milk content.

Iron also gives iron to the body due to the germination.

Both the black and white sesame seeds are the best source for calcium and copper.

It has a large number of factors that can contribute to a large number of mothers and babies.

Overeating Every mother eats oats after delivery, and this doctor is not required to tell.

Ova prevents Malavodh from consuming this food.

There is an important source of morning breakfast, from which you will get a large amount of calcium and fiber, iron.

Greens are vitamins, but pumpkin, lump pumpkin, and cabbage should be eaten in the food.

Greens provide light and a large number of vitamins for digestion.

Beta carotene is high in sweet potato, turmeric (yam), carrot, beet, and these fruits are very high.

And this is a very good diet for Mamata.

In this red vegetable, our milk increases and increases the health of the liver by eating them, and when it starts reducing the red blood cells of the mother after delivery, she feels weak, then these vegetables do not feel anemic in the diet.

If possible, include these red vegetables in the diet every day.

If there is some substance used in vegetable oils, then the body will get its components.

If there is a need of 2500 calories (pregnancy) in pregnancy then there are more calorie costs.

For this, daily roti, (Nagli) millet, jaggery, vegetables, various fruits as well as meat, fish, fish, should also eat.

If you like milk, then take cottage cheese, milk, buttermilk, cheese and other foods for more food. And tuna should be used in the diet, more in the stomach. Ask the doctor for calcium, iron and vitamin supplements. And as long as you’re breastfeeding.

Because of this substance, gum, asparagus, the formation of the hormones of Prolactin is prepared more and more in the form of milk.

Due to the increase in the milk supply, the relief of milk is also encouraged. Likewise, milk-based medicines- Milk increases by taking 10 ml of methochlomamide tablets three times a day for three days.

You may seek advice from the respondent for this. It is also a big remedy for milk and milk to grow milk.

Pregnancy starts folic acid, calcium and vitamin supplements, so there is a good increase in hair growth.

However, too much hair loss.

Increases the rate of laceration after delivery.

After this, there is a continuing problem of hair loss for some time.

Some medicines are also available for not drying, but these pills are inappropriate Sexy as long as the baby is breastfeeding, so they do not have to be used.

Sometimes the hair becomes dry and dry.

But going to the core of all these problems can solve the health problems of hair.

There are many changes in hormonal levels after delivery.

The hair loss becomes less because the baby starts breastfeeding 100 hair losses per day.

Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy but after delivery, it stops the growth of the estrogens.

The hair is too thick but it sucks.

Kidney Stone Treatment | Kidney Stone Home Made Treatment

Kidney Stone  – 

 Kidney Stone There is plenty of magnesium and calcium in it. watermelon helps remove the scrub Potassium keeps the kidney healthy and it removes Kidney Stone.

 It controls the urine levels of urine. Along with potassium, there is plenty of water in it. This helps to release the kidney stone The risk of kidney stones regularly reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Kidney stone Treatment                                                                                           

Kidney Stone Reasons –

Following is a kidney Stone reason –

Prevent Obstruction  Drinking alcohol, eating heavy food, eating meat, drinking less water, eating more lime than a walnut leaf. Etc.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone –

 Stomach ache Migraine Problems Pimple Sometimes there may be bacterial and fever. Blood transfusion.

Does Kidney Stone have some trouble with it? All of them are answered by sonography, but they do not share sonography with them, they need to have a combination of other investigations, symptoms and all the reports together and then treat them accordingly. Blood tests do not decrease the function of the kidneys.

  A person with a blunt should not eat the following Things:








Watanayacharya pods,


Black grapes,



Pew new,


Volley. Because it contains too much calcium

What to do to prevent scratching –

Drink plenty of water, Do not tinkle the urine, Check out the drawn stone/lying stone and learn what kind it is and then do it.

Kidney Stone Treatment –

Diagnosis of urine, in which urology of diarrhea and insemination of the worms is diagnosed. Does the hygiene which is very important to see the symptoms of bacterial menopause? Does .

There are several medicines in Ayurveda on the tomb. Once the problem is difficult, it is necessary to get a proper examination by the expert.

 If you do not need to do surgery immediately, you can see various Ayurvedic remedies. Varunadi Kath is very useful in medicine.

Take this medicine at 2 p.m. Drinking plenty of water by treating both eyes and treating acne is extremely important, and preferably avoid drinking water from wells and bore (saline).

 There are several medicines in Ayurveda on the tomb. Once the problem is difficult, it is necessary to get a proper examination by the expert.

 If you do not need to do surgery immediately, you can see various Ayurvedic remedies.

 Varunadi Kath is very useful in medicine. Take this medicine at 2 p.m.

 Due to regular consumption of cadulimala leaf ash with 2 grams of water, the headache dissolves.

 If the stomach is small and not too old, then it should be powdered and divided in half a tablespoon of the day.

 Rehabilitative plants are also useful on the vertebrae.

 Repeat (Khaparakhuti, Vishwali Bhaji) is available from the monsoon till Holi.

 The main nutrient chutney (50 grams) of this plant should be taken daily.

 Olive plants can be taken after drying and after shaving.

 In addition to these remedies, tomatoes, cabbage, aloe, etc.

should be prohibited from eating vegetables.

 Mix 2 grams of powdered mixed powder with an equal amount of cormorant plant and cauliflower and one time (empty nip in the morning) with water.

 After that, do not take any of the mouths for four to five hours.

 Thus, treatment for one and a half months will be done.

After five to six months, take the same solution once a month If you have a kidney stone, eat papaya seeds of powdered 1 small spoon in the morning and 1 small spoon.

 If there are problems with the bladder, then papaya seeds powder 1 teaspoon should be eaten in the morning and evening Eating three times a day with paanfutic leaves and black pepper, the blade erupts in 15 days.

 Drink frequent lukewarm water. Or drink warm water with 1/2 spoon of ghee.

 On the waist, on the stomach, Narayan / coconut oil should be washed and warmed with hot water. Juna Gul + Ghee + Take hot milk from the horn button.

Take out the drawers.

This is a good solution.

Eat kulich/rosa Drink peanut butter with butter.

 Put the feet in cold water.

 The urine decreases and the pain is reduced.

 Drink lemon juice.

 Take 5 grams of water in water and drink it.

 Doing this five times a month will never end and if it does, it will go away.

 Heat 100 grams of coriander and 100 gm cumin seeds.

 Then thicken the flour in the flour/mixer Do not do powder.

 In the morning and dinner along with dinner, one or two spoons of water will be done in the form of water.

 End of bleach in one month.

Care should be taken by patients who have suffered from acne.

 If you suffer from stomach anytime soon the offender should not ignore the pain much worse at night.

Drink a glass of about 5 to 10 liters per day for 1 glass of water a day.

 Patients, tomatoes, amla, chicken, cashews, cucumber, cauliflower, pumpkin (pumpkin), mushrooms, eggplants, selected tobacco, tea should be avoided.

How to Increase Body Immune System

What Is Immune System  –

Let us take a brief explanation about how we can keep up resistance today If we do some routine things, we can keep our Immune System strong.

Immune System
Immune System

The use of spices increases the antioxidant and helps in increasing the Immune System Thissubstance can keep the weight under control.

Basil for Immune System – If you want to increase the immune system, you should eat eight to ten leaves of Tulsi every day This stops the bacteria from the body.

Ghee – If you want to feed the body of any age, eat half a spoon of ghee The body gets lubrication due to tiredness Many people applaud apples of butter and butter in their diet But at least half a spoon of ghee can not be mixed with this substance.

Amla-lemon  – Lemon contains large amounts of vitamins You can not eat a whole lemon But a lemon stomach can be eaten easily But eat lemon that means eat lemon Not a lemon pickle Avela is mainly found in the winter But it is available in the form of mango, peacock, candy, all year round. Even if the stomach stays in the stomach every day, our Immune System helps in keeping the best.

Water – There is no need to tell about the importance of water in the health  If the thirst of water is thirsty, then the body will have enough water to take care of it in the water Thirst is not thirsty as there is no water, milkshake/coconut/ juice is added. On the other hand, if the body’s water requirement is not met, then the substance is the substance of the substance that can be disorganized. Drinking water less than required, or drinking too much can be damaged.

–  If you want to preserve the energy of daily life, then you can use the daily routine of snacks. There are all the vitamins in the power of the test. It is necessary to go to the body once a day. Eat caffeine.

Beat – Lunch should be in the afternoon lunch. But it does not want cucumber, tomato, or otherwise. On the contrary, if the beta salad is eaten daily, the body gets vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants at the same time. The beat is a good force, so it should be included in the diet of the elderly and the beta.

Milk-Turmeric  –  After breakfast take a cup of milk and add a little turmeric powder. And drink that milk every day.

Many people have sugar as they taste the milk. But do not do that. Instead of milk-turmeric milk to the children, you should give some saffis and an almond in milk, divided into milk. Use one or two cardboards in the skin.

Yogurt and Buttermilk  – There are some rules about whether to eat curd and take it in everyday food. Adults, men, and women should take care of their daily diet.

It cannot add water to the water. If left after remaining after butter dissolves:

This batch is said to be eaten in food. And this body is useful to the body. Young children should not be afraid. Instead, give them two tablespoons of curd on each afternoon or evening meal.

Sugar is added to the children when they are making the curd. Instead, add sugarcane to the pan.

If you have old and young children in your home, you should never give up the jaggery or sugarcane in your compartment The eggplant is very useful to keep the elderly alive throughout the day If, in the event of a dizziness, it is depleting, then if the throat is dry, the patch of the thorn or the pouch creates energy in the body immediately.

Children never sit in a place All-day their active activities are on.

That is why their body needs energy.

This energy can be obtained from Khadisakhre. Children should be given a small box of sugar whiskers in-school coaches.

Chest cough and Dry Cough Treatment

Chesty Cough and Dry Cough –

It is very easy to have a cold winter or a Cold Chest Cough that changes the season But if you take care of yourself using aloe vera juice, then the Cold Chest Cough will run away.


                                           Chest Dry Chough Treatment             

                                                    Chest Dry Chough Treatment

  •    There is no heart to every pain in the chest. There are many reasons for the Chest Dry Chough.  e.g. Muscle or cramp injury, gastric acidity, pneumonia and cardiovascular disease This pain can be from any type of pain to simple acne.                                                                                  
  • If there are complaints of respiratory trauma like asthma, Chest Dry Chough Treatment, then the juice of cardamom and tulsi leaves together and mixed with honey mixed with it for a month will remove the disorders by increasing the immune system.                                             
  •     Grate the onion and rub its juice Squeeze the juice out of the cloth and drink a spoonful of it Then drink hot water in half a minute This eliminates all the cuffs within 10 minutes, breathed freely, oxygen supply increases and does not bother.                          
  •                                       Chest Dry Chough Treatment                                                                                        Chest Dry Chough Treatment

  Chest Dry Chough Treatment
Chest Cough Treatment – 
    Applying a hedge lotion in the Chest Cough may help For this, prepare the coating of mustard and make the coating If you apply this, the phlegm will dissolve.
    Gumutra mixed with a few cows of ghee and chopped, the cloth is muffled by keeping the cloth over the chest.
    Due to the apple syrup, the problem of phlegm can be overcome.
    If there is a problem of constipation then take a spoon of honey in a glass of hot milk before sleeping in the night and eat it By regularly drinking milk and honey, the body’s immunity power grows.                                                                                                                                        
    And the stomach remains healthy And the problem of your constipation is resolved.
    Regularly mixing black salt in lemon juice further in the empty stomach in the morning, the problem of constipation is removed by taking it with lukewarm water.
    Eating papaya for the stomach is very beneficial Vitamin D is present in abundance in papaya, if you consume a baked papaya every day, it can help you get relief from Chest Dry Chough.          
    To get rid of the problem of constipation, leave two or three dry figs in the water before bedding and leave them in the morning, after getting up in the morning, take it out of the water and chew.                                                                                                                                                                     
    And then take a glass of milk. If you consume figs for 5 or 6  days continuously, you will get rid of the problem of constipation.                                                                                                       
    Eating asthma, Khamis and cinnamon bites reduce your asthma attack.                                     
    If you pour salt in mustard oil, then it will be thin in the cuff if you bite it with hot water, then the cuff becomes thin.                                                                                                                      
    If you drink 3 tablespoons of castor oil at night, then you can get a cough. Thereafter, the patient gets relief.                                                                                                                                                         
    Patients without heart disease throw 5 gm of water in a glass of hot water and drink 1-1 teaspoon of water throughout the day.                                                                                                   
    Take honey and honey and eat papaya as well.
Chest Dry Chough Remedies  –
Fenugreek seeds – Boil fenugreek with water and mix it with honey and ginger juice and drink it daily.
This will give you relief from the problem of asthma Chest Cough. Amla Powder- Mix 1 tsp of honey in 2 tsp Amla powder and take it empty stomach in the morning. Its intake daily controls asthma or Chest Dry Chough.
  Smoky water: Drinking cold water, there is a relief for the wounds But it helps to freeze the broken chest Drinking hot water helps reduce the chest and lower respiratory tract and reduces the Chest Dry Chough infection.
    The home remedy for hot chestnut-filled chest and throat infection is the same.                   
    Add half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot water and let it cool down for 1-2 minutes. Thus, it should be done three to four times a day.                                                                                                      
    Thaw them so that they do not drink water during thawing.                                                                
    Often, there is a problem of infection in the neck due to sore throat So take hot water in a large vessel and cover the face with a towel Due to this, there is a decrease in chronic infection It should be done twice a day.
Tea Drink: It is useful to take a lot of juice, peppermint or Rosemary tea It is more beneficial if honey is served instead of sugar If you are not crazy, you can suck a small piece of it.
  Vaporizing: A few drops of eucalyptus oil will be released into the water and it also helps to freeze the chest. Take a long breath and take the nidgery vapor. Stuffed nose and chest will help to freeze. Eucalyptus oil contains analgesic properties and bacterial properties help to freeze the chest.
  Black Coffee: While drinking coffee in black coffee for a while, coffee helps dissolve cough. Of course, no more than two cups of coffee should be pouched, because the caffeine in the coffee is more inappropriate for the body.
Turmeric Powder: Coughing is done by taking a barbecue of black pepper, turmeric powder, ads, and Pippi and taking it twice a day. One glass of water should be thrown by pinching turmeric powder in hot water.
    Turmeric is a component called Curcumin, which helps dissolve Chesty Cough. It helps to freeze the chest and helps to reduce the bacterial bacteria also, so the curd and cough on the cough can be beneficial.                                                                                                                          
    Grind asafoetida, black pepper, and nutmeg and mix them with jaggery and make pills Eat two tablets per day after meals Cough will cure Chest Cough will open.                                            
    Boil salt, turmeric, cloves, and basil leaves in water Filter this water and drink lukewarm at night In the morning the cough will appear Coughing will not remain in the 7 days after regular intake.
Onion juice: Does not like onion grinder and bitter taste, But filled with roasted onion juice is a great solution.
    Curtin can help in the removal of curettage on the onion, and also prevents the formation of cough. The onyx properties of onion are also prevented from being infected.                                
    Remove onion juice and mix it with lemon juice, honey, and water. Boil this juice and drink this mixture three to four times a day. All the above solutions are natural because they are natural.
    Applying a hedge For this, prepare the coating of mustard and make the coating If you apply this, the phlegm will dissolve.                                                                                                         
    In the case of a calf-related illness, the child’s neck is covered with garlands.                                      
    Gumutra mixed with some cows of ghee and chopped, the cloth is muffled by keeping the cloth over the chest.                                                                                                                                      
    During bathing, fill the water in the mouth until the bathing is over. It does not cause thyroid, colds, cough, and fever.                                                                                                                        
    The solution for basil and ginger cough is considered It immediately relaxes with its consumption In a cup of hot water, add five pieces of Tulsi, one piece of it.                                           
    It should be boiled for some time The dry form of ginger is neat. Boil this nicely in water and boil it for a long time.                                                                                                                      
    When one quarter is left, take it three times a day if its consumption is lukewarm Will benefit immediately.                                                                                                                                     
    When the water is even half, then drink it again This solution would be beneficial for the adults as well as for adults.                                                                                                                               
    If you have a Chest Dry Chough constantly, then add a spoon of honey, half a spoonful of juice and make it slower and drink hot water or drink from the cough, if it is choked, then take chanting on this hot chocolate tea.                                                                                                      
    If the child is suffering from stomach shed in small children’s chest, then add 2 spoons of water to a spoon of coriander Give it to the baby with the help of a doctorate of 2,3 times by removing the boil and stirring it He comes out of the Chest Dry Chough.                                                          
    Breathing, breathless cough, coughing cough and pain in the stomach Bent knee There is a swelling in the mouth It’s just like cough In such cases, honey or Triphala is mixed with honey and honey To reduce the pressure, it is easy to reduce honey by giving it tomatoes or orange juice.                                                                                                                                                    
    Taking one teaspoon honey tomato and orange juice daily reduces the cup.                            
    The person who suffers from cough, asthma, should always use the medicines in your diet This reduces the emphasis on Chest Dry Chough and makes excitement in the body.                                     
    If you have an itch on the face, boil the leaves and oats in it, boil it in single water and drink it with water.                                                                                                                                                            
    Put the oven braid in a cloth and place it near the pillow while sleeping, people who have asthma, cold and Chest cough will not have difficulty breathing By eating some powders and oats in the sugar syrup, you will get relief from cough Put it in a sheet of paper and bite it.             
    Doing this will give you relief from a dry cough Also, eating ova will stop swelling and pain due to the throat.                                                                                                                        
    If you are suffering from dry cough, take the juice of aromatherapy in the mud and drink it twice a day for one spoon.                                                                                                                              
    Take two pinches of black salt in the oven soup and drink hot water The cough will cure.               
    It is beneficial for the asthma patients to have a daily rate of an equal amount of puffs and cloves Burning the oven on an earthen pot and smash it, asthmatic patients will not have difficulty in breathing.                                                                                                                                           
    Haldi milk recipe for cough – Ingredients                                                                                             
    1 cup milk, A little sugar for taste, Half a teaspoon oven, Half-pound powder in more than half the quantity                                                                                                                                         
    Take a vessel and add sugar and milk and stir until the sugar dissolves completely.                        
    Take a nonstick bag and roast it in it and roast it for a few minutes until brown color And discard turmeric and roasted oven into this milk mixture and stir it together and you can mix it properly and you can take it in Ayurvedic medicine.
    This helps in strengthening your respiratory system.                                                                          
    Do not wait too much once if it is cold enough then it will be very late and then you will need other points and treatment This point is also useful for asthma.
Anxiety Point Points ->
    This is a great point to reduce anxiety In the Western number system, it is called P6 or Pericardium 6 (also known as Heat Constructor 6 or Heart Protector.)                                                 
    This point is at the bottom of the wrist and the right side of both the wrists.                               
    Pressing on this point reduces the anxiety of nervousness or anxiety by lowering the load on the chest.                                                                                                                                            
    This point is not only useful for anxiety but it is useful for nostalgia, morning sickness, osteoporosis, headache, insomnia, and girth.
Types Of Chest Cough –
Sore throat – Drinking a hot mixture of milk, turmeric and sugar reduces the intestines, even the clove mixed with cloves is reduced The trouble we have to spend most of the time is to have trouble If this is done with sore throat then keep the sugar and pinch of black peas (spraying it in the wider area) and sprinkle it with the tongue He is very relieved.
If Chest Dry Chough is done – put the whole salad dressing on the bullock Or the sugar and sugar mixture to taste If the cuff becomes dry, remove the crushed leaves of the leaf and stir it with honey The cheeks, chest, and shaft also fall off.
Acne in mouth – mouthing is the tongue to be obstructed the face comes from the blisters and the tongue does not apply to the tongue The tongue was reddish Only two days of dietary supplements should be taken Fruits such as fruit juices, milk, buttermilk, and syrup should be taken Digestion is the main cause of the mouth and the stomach rests for two days that the stomach gets on its originality and it also helps to decrease the redness and redness of the tongue.
Sweat together with vitiligo and sugar – inflammation of the throat, soreness Softening of salty water on the sitting throat also causes soreness and sizzling.  Vitamin A contains a very high amount of antioxidants along with Vitamin-C This helps strengthen the immune system and helps fight against diseases in the body Having a daily meal for a lady’s finger is not a problem like many diseases like cough and cold.
 Black currant, sweet and slightly sour taste, cool gourd, digestive but heavy body fat, strength, and nutrition Best for thirst, thirst, fires, tuberculosis, fever, cough, breath.

Body Vaat Treatment | Vaat Homemade Treatment

If the vaat is grown, then the use of pure oil on the dough should be used. This means non-refined oil.Drinking, dry food, traveling a lot in the cold air, staying in the AC, eating fridge foods, lack of exercise and the wrong method of sleep can lead to abdominal back problems

Vaat Treatment

If the vast is grown, then the use of pure oil on the dough should be used. This means non-refined oil. Drinking, dry food, traveling a lot in the cold air, staying in the AC, eating fridge foods, lack of exercise and the wrong method of sleep can lead to abdominal back problems

 Rheumatism Treatment

Because refined oil causes more diseases. Use pure oil to make the vada not grow. The pure oil is sticky and the smell of which it does not allow it to grow.

They contain proteins in oil. The smell and viscosity of oil should be as good as it is. Never use one oil.

Change the oil occasionally.

Alternately use peanuts, sunflower, sesame oil, and use them.

Soybean oil is heavy to digest. So they should not be used much more.

Tilatla should be used in the winter season. Also, use peanuts-jaggery-gum.

Eat sesame  Use black sesame seeds of white tiles.

Eat moderate food during the summer. To reduce waste, take pure oil, curd, milk, buttermilk, and fruit juice. Also, take occasional Triphala powder.

Another fiber medicine is fenugreek! Eat 7-8 fenugreek as with water every morning. Eat fenugreek soup as well. After the birth of the baby, the vast increase in the body.

It should be eaten purely for the sake of it. Rheumatism gets cured every day after eating four roasted potatoes, salt, and black pepper powder.

 Do not eat the same type of oil.

Change to eat Pure oil means eating refined oil.

Eat milk, yogurt, and buttermilk. There are antiseptic. Clean the stomach with tamarind powder in warm water.

Eat a little spoon of fenugreek seeds and eat it. Eat fenugreek vegetableTake breakfast after breakfast.

Chop pickle one spoon + chopped one spoon + a spoon of sugar + sweet curd to mix one cup. Or eat lean water. Not only must be eaten by betel nut and tobacco. The skirt will run.

The body is more in the morning in the morning. Bips increase in the afternoon and the evening the phlegm grows.

To avoid these three problems,

you need to get rid of saliva in your mouth.100 grams of fenugreek, 40 grams of Iowa, 20 grams of black cumin seeds are the ratio of one person to another.

Do not differentiate between this. Standard weight should be taken only by weight. Dry all the three ingredients in iron wraps until the mild temperatures (until it becomes reddish). Then mix all three ingredients and make powder from the mixer.

While sleeping at night, take one spoon (t-spoon) powder with one cup of warm water.

Water lukewarm is necessary. After taking this powdery every day, the dirt that has spread anywhere in the body goes out through the soil or the urine.

After three months, unnecessary fat burning or fat balding begins to dissolve in the body automatically.

The wrinkled skin is stretched. Chronic ailments are permanent.

Methi serves as a medicinal supine to remove stomach gas and chest cough. Eating powders of 5 grams of fenugreek leaves every morning and evening will reduce the disease. Prepare chutney by taking fenugreek seeds and equal quantity. It will help in eliminating rheumatism in this patch.

Molasses (Giloya) is a vine. The leaves of which are similar to a foodstuff. Molasses has been considered as the best medicine in Ayurveda. Drinking gullevalis juice causes different kinds of diseases in the body.

Full leaves contain calcium, protein, and phosphorus. This is Molasses, phlegm, and bile destruction.

Gulvel helps in increasing your body’s immune system. All the medicines in rheumatism, bone blisters, rheumatoid arthritis, and arthritis are fruitless. Cow urine is the only medicine in 80 types of diarrhea.

For this take half a cup of gooseberry mixed with 2 grams of pure spinach, 1 spoon fine, pure goggul or 2 tablets of Mahyograj Guggulle. Bone diseases are cured. Holistic milk is also beneficial in the bone marrow.

This helps in reducing pain and swelling. Remove the grapes, pomegranate, pomegranate, and pour water until it becomes thin Rheumatism. Cut a little grated ginger, sugar, and cinnamon, bay leaf, cardamom, coconut, pepper and a little bit.

 The pan, then filtered, is called “peak” and it tastes; Satisfaction; Vata, pitta, fatigue, thirst, dizziness, vomiting, inflammation are destructive and cures body ailments.

Side Effect of Same Blood Group on Pregnancy Health of Children

Blood Group

Often, the Same Blood Couple Has a Baby Problem is considered before marriage. There are some medical reasons for this. If the mother’s blood group is broken into positive and negative groups in the same group, they can cause predictive obstructions. Many people are not aware of this and therefore there are many questions in the parent’s mind. Parental Same Blood Couple Has a Baby Problem can affect the health of the child.


 Pregnancy Health of Children
 Pregnancy Health of Children  

Blood Groups, Symbols, and Antibodies  –

The human blood group is divided into 4 types of groups. A, B, AB or O. The classification of blood is done by the sample present on those cells. Antigens are antigens This is a protein present on the surface of your blood cells. Rh factor also called ‘Rhesus factor’, is a repetitive present on red cells.

The antibodies present in the body use the immune system to prevent the body from coming out of the immune system. But the repetition of ‘Rh’ is not harmful to the human body. In the blood of individuals in which Rh is present, there are positive blood groups and those whose blood is not in the blood are of negative blood group.

Take Blood Check –

If you are considering getting pregnant, you should check your and your partner’s blood. Your two blood group affects the health of the child. It is necessary to check this to avoid the complexity of pregnancy.

Pregnancy –

Though there is a blood group of parents, it does not affect the pregnancy at the beginning. There is a pregnancy even after a different blood group. If the mother’s blood group is Rh negative then it does not appear in the health, and if the blood group of the father is Rh-positive, then the images are present. Problems arise after the pregnancy occurs in the Rh-positive blood group of the embryo.

If the mother’s blood group is Rh-negative? –

The mother’s blood group is very important. If the blood group of the mother is Rh-negative and the baby’s blood group has also developed Rh-negative, then there is no problem with blood.

Antibodies in the mother’s body do not harm the fetus’s embryos because there is no magic in both the blood.

If the mother’s blood group is negative and it develops Rh-positive blood cells in the fetus, then blood can be mixed with blood. Often this happens.

In this situation, antibodies in the mother’s body attack them in the form of reactions to the blood of the child’s body. The mother’s body embraces the embryo as an unnecessary component. The following conditions may arise from this.

Anemia’s condition occurs in the body of the baby so that the antibodies in the mother’s body attack the red cells in the blood of the baby. This condition is called ‘Hemolytic Anemia’.

There may be many hazardous effects on the health of the child, such as brain disorders, severe illness, or sometimes a baby may also rage.
How can this problem be prevented? –

You can take a look at the Rh group before mixing blood in your baby’s body.

Antibody screen ‘can be checked whether the mother’s body has prepared antibodies for the baby through its intravenous surveillance.

In the Rh-negative blood, the sensitivity of Rh’s positive blood of the child can be frozen by injection called Hressus immunoglobulin (RhIg).

When is RhIg given? – RhIg is given before and after delivery.

If the mother’s body is affected by the blood group of the mother and yet another antibody is prepared, it is usually advised to give the injection to the mother for the seventh month.

Through this, the mother’s body does not become sensitive to the condition of the baby during the rest of the pregnancy.

The injection is given if the baby’s blood is mixed with the blood of the mother after delivery.

In pregnancy, it is useful for the same pregnancy. If the same condition occurs the second time, then RhIg has to be given back again.

In such conditions as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, the mother with Rh-negative is given injections to avoid sensitivity to the reactions.

What happens if the antibody is prepared? –

RhIg injections do not affect after the mother’s body is made of antibodies for the baby. In such cases, the condition of the baby’s body is looked after.

If the delivery occurs on time, blood transfusions of blood in the blood of the baby are replaced by healthy blood. In some serious cases, blood-transfusion is performed in the womb or the procedure is performed by premature delivery.

Parents’ blood group –

Approximately 85% of women are Rh-positive and hence this problem is rarely found. To prevent this problem the parents’ blood group should be formed. Here are some pairs of mother and father’s blood groups that are suitable for a baby’s health.

Father Blood Group A = I A, AB

Father blood B = I B, AB

Father Blood Group O = Io, A, B, AB

Father Blood AB = I

Father blood Rh-positive = I Rh-positive.

Father blood Rh-negative = I Rh-positive or Rh-negative.

Nose Bleeding Treatment | Nose Blood Causes And Treatment

The Nose Blood Causes And Treatment inside of the nasal is a special type of skin. This thin skin is called ‘Mucosa’. If Mucosa is soft, it may start with Nose Blood soon after it gets hurt or it gets damaged.

Nose Blood In children and senior citizens the blood flow from the nose is high. If there is a nasal rupture in the nasal part of the nostril or if the nose is hit by the nose, then the nose gets blamed on the nose. There is also blood from the mouth and mouth with some blood vessel bleeding.

Nose Bleeding Treatment | Nose Blood Causes And Treatment
Nose Bleeding Treatment
What happens to the blood from the nose?

Nose Blood inside of the nasal is a special type of skin. This thin skin is called ‘Mucosa’.

If Mucosa is soft, it may start bleeding soon after it gets hurt or it gets damaged.

To keep your nose a bit dumpy, the nose is usually a substitute for fluid content.

During the summer, however, the nostrils decrease dampness and dry the nostrils from inside. The nasal skin is spread to the right side of the blood vessels.

Therefore, due to the dryness of the skin, the nose in the nose – where the nose is in the mouth or the nose in the nose, it also causes blood vessels to flow and blood from the nose.
Who is more likely to deal with Nose Bleeding problem?

Some people suffer from high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure can get bleeding by breaking the nasal artery without hitting the nose after drying it.

Patients with heart problems are sometimes taking pills like ‘Aspirin’. Blood pellets that are blocking blood clots and blood-staining blood vessels will start on the same day, and at the same time, if the rash of the nose gets broken, then the blood does not stop early.
Nose Bleeding Treatment

What should I do immediately after getting the bleeding from the nose?

 As you kneel in the nose (Nose Blood), press the other side and press down. At this time, the breath should continue with a breath. In such a situation, blood pressure is stopped within 5 to 10 minutes if you press the nose. If the blood does not stop thereafter, then immediately the ear-nose-throat specialist will reach.

  What should we do to take a break? Make a nap of a small damped napkin on the nose. This will not go directly to the hot air nose. The saline spray powder is easily found in the shops of the nose. If you spray this spell after long-distance travel in the sun, the nostril remains in dampness and it can prevent blood flow.

 If the Nose Blood is drained from the nose, put the white onion juice in the kapala and keep the watch on the head with cold water. The flow of blood from the stem closes.

Onion juice on cardamom 4 grams of sugar, 20 grams of sugar and 20 grams of butter for 1 month every day. Heart disease is cured.

All types of poison are eaten on white onion and cloves.

 Coconut is like a medicinal for people who have problems with blood flow from the nose in the summer. Therefore, if the coconut is eaten along with the rubbish then the problems of blood flow from the nose will be overcome. If cold water was dropped on the head, the Nose Blood flow stopped.

 If you have blood from the nose, then breathe in the mouth instead of the nose.

 The juice of the Bela leaf is mixed with water.

 If the blood from the nose is wrapped in a snow cloth and wrapped in the nose, the blood flow stopped.

If the blood flows from the throat then lower it slightly If you cut the onion and cut it, then the blood from the nose was closed.

 By stopping the wet cloth under the nose, the bleeding stops narrowing the blood from the nasal abscess.

 If you have blood from the same nostril, hold it tightly in the upper part of the nostril.

 If the blood is coming from both the nostrils, then press down the nose for at least 8-10 minutes. Even if the bleeding does not stop, press another 5-6 minutes.

 If bleeding is caused by the nasal plight, only light pressure should be given. Give cold water on the head.

Take half a teaspoon of Juice leaf juice and give it to the child every day. Before drops in the night, a few drops of soft tissue may be added to the nose.

Apart from this, the removal of grapes and raisins is also beneficial. Eat raw ingredients in a daily diet.

Therefore, due to summer accumulation, the amount of blood flow from the nose will be reduced considerably.

 If the blood is going from the nose, immediately break the onion and smell it less. Blood stops Due to sunlight there is a rise in heat in the body as well as small children. He is said to have a burglary.

Sometimes there is a risk of pelvic growth due to excessive rotation in the sun. In this situation, the growth of hives in the body increases.

Although there is a habit of formation of the nose, it can also cause blood flow from the nose.

 Although there is a constant constriction in childhood, there is such a problem. According to Ayurveda, ‘Hepatitis’ is a blood transfusion of the nose.

As a precautionary measure, then when the storm breaks, first cool down and sprinkle a little bit of water on the head. If you have constant blood from the nose, then consult the medicines.

If the patient juice is placed in the nose, it will reduce the circulation. Some medicines, such as heat reduction and pelvic gold, are useful.

If there is an obstruction, it is useful in mild sediments such as triple and blood stops.

How to Increase Hunger Power | Appetite Increase Treatment

Hunger Power  –

The fire of our body works to digest food. If this fire gets dim for some reason then the food is not properly digested Appetite Growth. Due to not digesting food properly, many diseases occur in the body.

Hunger Power
Hunger Power

Vata, bile, and cuff become contaminated with irregular eating. Due to this, hunger stops and complaints of indigestion, indigestion, air disorder and pitta are coming up. Hunger stops, body breaks, tastes worse, feels heaviness in the stomach, stomach worsens, keeps the mind bad.

 Understand that the whole system of the body gets spoiled completely. It should always be avoided by menstruation and should use these prescriptions if there is a problem.

In today’s remedy for appetite loss or hunger, we are going to tell you some family tips today, with the help of which you can increase appetite for any tonic drug pills. Fortunately, you do not have to be hungry. And food comes incomplete due to incomplete. Do not ignore such a Vedas. Proper treatment should be done at the right time.

Signs of Appetite Growth and Hunger Loss  :

Not wanting to eat,

 Lack of taste in the mouth,

 Eating stomach,

 Stomach and lack of appetite.

 Not wanting to eat,

 lack of taste in the mouth,

 eating stomach,

 stomach and lack of appetite.

  If a spoon is found, it is better to eat appetite with a pinch of lemon and a spoon in a citric acid after eating it.
Appetite Growth and Hunger growth Treatment  –

If hunger does not occur, half a fish can be bloated. Take one cup of lukewarm water two times three times.

 Licking black salt loses gas, and hunger increases, it also cleanses the stomach.

 It is better to drink the vermicompost with nuts and jaggery or with rock salt.

 Make a powder by grinding the cotton gram with a mixture of rock salt, asafoetida, and trifle. Mix the old good equal to this powder and mix all the powders and make small tablets. Start taking one or two pillows with fresh water daily. These pills are taken after eating. This will increase food and also increase hunger.

 Taking the head with Neem’s nibbles increases appetite and also destroys the skin diseases of the body.

 By making a powder of hard goose and sauna and taking it with a little bit of whey daily, the appetite opens.

 Mixing dry ginger in ghee and drinking lots of hot water can make you feel hungry.

 Eating grinded ginger before rocking before eating it increases appetite.

 Sprinkle red chilies in lemon juice for forty days and make two tablets.

Eating a pill each day increases appetite.

 Make roti by mixing rock salt and oven in ganglia bran. This leads to a lot of hunger.

And Moth Dal is the destroyer of mildew and fever.

 Drink 1.5-gram sambhar salt every morning and drink water.

Madangni’s name will disappear.

 Take out the pulp of two incantations and cook it in three hundred grams of milk.

Drink milk on the back of the incantations.

This also digested meals and also leads to hunger. Take in cumin seeds, dry ginger, oregano small pepper, and black pepper shares. Add some beans to it.

Make a powder by grinding them all thoroughly. Mix one spoon of this powder with buttermilk and drink it daily.

By taking up to two weeks, you will be given any benefit in constipation. Half an hour before meals, appetite by eating a mixture of the gram, carrot, tomatoes, leaf cabbage, spinach, and other green greens, vegetables, and legumes.

 Eating apples also increases appetite and also cleanses the blood. Grate the celery of forty grams, rock salt, ten grams, and place it in a clean bottle.

Fill two grams of gram powder daily in it and drink water from above.

This will also increase hunger and eradicable diseases.

 Soak one bread in fennel water.

Add quadruple sugar mixed in this water and cook it.

Licking this syrup increases appetite.

 Make sure that the sweetened tamarind leaves, rock salt or black salt, black pepper and asafoetida, make the refreshing of the drink.

 Lying with one gram of roasted powdered honey of joyful, the gastrogine prevails and the brain is removed.

 Fennel, sugarcane and sugar candy all should take an equal portion and take fresh water daily with fresh water.

This makes digestion power stronger. Taken with the hot water and salt, remove the lightness.

Taking litchi before meals increase digestion and hunger. Pomegranate is also an appetizer.

It consumes appetite by consuming it. Lemon juice mixed with water daily, it increases appetite.

Drinking half a glass of pineapple juice before applying food leads to an increase in appetite.

Due to the fall of the watermelon seeds, the appetite increases.

Bale fruit or juice is also an appetizer.

 Eating by making chutney of bay leaves increases appetite and Food is also digested.

 If a spoon is found, it is better to eat appetite with a pinch of lemon and a spoon in a citric acid after eating it.

 Take a puffed rice mixture with the first grass of rice, together with the asafoetida, cumin seeds, cumin seeds, parsley, and semolina.

 If you eat lemons while eating daily, the food needs to be digested and hungry. Drink plenty of boiled water for a long time.

Drinking hot water is more beneficial. Increased appetite by having a small fragment of the food that is made after adding a scarf. If you eat the chutney of mint, ginger, garlic, eat it and it takes an appetite. And there is an increase in food.

 If you do not want to eat bitter and bite, then add three to four mango seeds to one cup of water and then squeeze them.

Take a pinch of cumin powder in the water and take a whip. Lack of appetite is a symptom of slowing digestive power.

Add some such foods to the flowers, vegetables, and butter. After eating a pinch of butter, cumin seeds, cumin seeds, and spinach, it helps to increase the appetite and helps in the growth of your appetite. Avoid drinking water before bedtime, do not sit day and exercise regularly. 

Teeth Whitening Treatment | Tooth Pain Treatment

 Tooth pain treatment-
It is very important to have teeth whitening. Some people conclude from others about the color of the teeth So take this remedy and keep it white.  Do not drink cold water immediately after eating hot food. This affects the jaw. Sometimes the teeth start to move.

Teeth Whitening Treatment | Tooth Pain Treatment
Tooth Pain Treatment

For moving teeth, teeth must be scratched after swastika teeth, after eating in the morning and the afternoon after lunch. Well, the churning of the interest of the armpit, jaggery, turmeric, acacia, neem, strengthens the teeth. Alternatives are used to make teeth, but it should not be used extensively. If the mole bites, the teeth become strong and strong.
 Do not drink cold water immediately after eating hot food.

 This affects the jaw Sometimes the teeth start to move.

 For moving teeth pain, teeth must be scratched after swastika teeth, after eating in the morning and the afternoon after lunch.

 Well, the churning of the interest of the armpit, jaggery, turmeric, acacia, neem, strengthens the teeth pain.

 Alternatives are used to make teeth, but it should not be used extensively. If the mole bites, the teeth become strong and strong.

  Teeth Pain, Cruising

Peacock Dental is also useful for pinch-worm teeth. Remove frog, acacia powder, clove,  Cadaveric, camphor, chilies, gooseberries, and cut pest toothpaste.

 Use Eridani oil as well. Apply the ringbone spindle to the worm’s tooth. Salivate the bulge stops. The odor of the ring nets and the fracture of the biting teeth should be filled with odor. Do it 3-4 times.

Gutting Blood in Teeth

Grapefruit Powder is the best medicine to stop the blood from the teeth pain.

 All the trees of astronomers are used to stop the blood from the donor of all the trees, such as banyan tree, mango, jambul, well, buckle and acacia.

 For the dirty of the tooth, use it for preparation of kettle on the teeth, such as alum, ocher, cinnamon, turmeric  (as an exception), and a mixture of astringent juices and Triphala. Fill a lot for the new dirty not to stir.

 As long as the swelling of the teeth is swollen, it should take two or two rounds of greenish or black hair.

Diseases of the Germs Teeth Pain

To stop the presence of excrement in the germs, massage the gums with a light grip with a mixture of camphor and camel.

  oil should gently massage the greens if there is blood coming out of the germs. If the germinate is not enough, then if you do not have food, it is better to make a good gourd.

If you have a tissue or have a tendency to have blood or pus from the gut, then it is used to eat chocolate.

 After one or two tablespoons of sesame seeds are spit and then spit them up. If the body gets crushed, then beat the sesame seeds and bind it in a cotton cloth.

 This pratipundi is seen to be used to shock the diseased body.

 If there is blood in the form of a germ and the teeth are tilting from the germ, then if the juice is mixed together with wine and amla powders, the juice is kept in the mouth for some time, then the blood stops getting blocked from the gut and the teeth pain become firm.

  Hing – Home remedy on the teeth pain of the donor Hing Hing is usually available at home only. Take a whistle for treatment. Mix it with the sweet coconut. Put cotton in this mixture and grease cotton with a toothache. This will reduce the pain of your teeth on your teeth. This domestic solution is very simple and effective.

  Clove  –  cloves have medicinal properties. So that germs and other bacteria are destroyed. Hold the clove at the dentist’s. This reduces the toothache. But it takes time to reduce the pain.

 Onions, which eat raw onions daily, stay away from the toothache.

If you have a toothache, hold the pieces of onion with a tooth or cook it onion. Doing this will help you to relax in a moment.

 Garlic is also comfortable for the toothache. Bake two or three cloves of raw garlic with a toothpaste. Can cut garlic along with the donor.

The garlic has elicen, which destroys the germ of your teeth and gives the tooth relief.

 By keeping a tooth in the teeth of teeth, keeping cow urine in the mouth for a while can be cured.

This is due to the carbolic acid.

 Add 10-12 leaves of Peru to the copper water and boil it with 1 tsp salt and 4-5 cloves.

After diluting the water, dilute it twice, and it must be rubbed with water.

This results in the prevention of blood transfusion or toothache and sensation.

 By keeping a tooth in a toothache, keeping the cow urine in the mouth for some time can be cured. This is due to the carbolic acid. The teeth become strong and the enamel remains intact.

 A dental parasite can be cured by all the diseases of the teeth. The tooth stays in the tooth, the tooth is ready again.

 Teeth stick in the mustard oil sticks on teeth and gums and keep the teeth strong. Along with this, the problem of getting blood from greens would be eliminated.

 Young children get 4 teaspoons of water every day 2-3 times a day when they get a toothache.

 Grate the oven and roast it.

 Grate your teeth twice a day with this mixture. Your teeth will be strong and bright.

If you have acne, boil water in boiling water and let it soften with lukewarm water. Toothache stops.

 Strawberries are one of the most useful fruits to keep the teeth clean and strong.

Strawberries have many properties and features, which help to clean their teeth and bleach them Dish on the teeth due to tea and coffee are cleaned by strawberries.

 The malic acid in grapes works like catalysts. So the teeth become white.

Dermatitis decreases.

Due to drinking or after drinking a dose, it helps in the removal of particles stuck in the tooth pain.

 His teeth were friction when eating cabbage.

It helps to soothe the tooth. Cabbage is a natural toothbrush. Saliva is ready in the mouth while eating cabbage. He removed the microscopic particles on the teeth.

 Remove the saliva in the mouth before clearing the mouth in the morning. Or make eyeballs. Look better.

The glasses descend. All eye disorders are destroyed. But before sleeping, teeth should be cleaned. Addictive people should not do this experiment.

 Regular use of garlic provides relief in dental ailments. If you have a toothache, paste the garlic paste and keep it on the teeth.

Immediately get relief. Anti-bacterial principle disorders in garlic. It benefits.

In many tribal areas, when small children go tooth, they are given honey in grape seeds. Doing this quickly grows teeth and does not even cause pain.

 To strengthen the teeth, add 10-12 leaves of Peru to the copper water and boil it with 1 tsp salt and 4-5 cloves. After diluting the water, dilute it twice, and it must be rubbed with water.

This results in the prevention of blood transfusion or toothache and sensation.

 If ginger buds take a large intake and boil it in boiling water. As he was a little hot after sipping water, he would rub the juice with rubbing.

Fill the brine with cold water immediately afterward.

 Foodstuffs are often involved in teeth after eating. However, do not remove these grains from the pins ever.

This can cause injury to teeth. So do not do such a thing.

 Add to the diet of seasonal fruits or raw vegetables. Because, as well as giving nutritious material to the body, they whiten the tooth.

 Include foods containing calcium and vitamin A for your teeth to be strengthened.

Include fruits such as orange, coconut, and amla, curd, cottage cheese, coconut, green leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables.

 If there is blood from the gut, then the thirsty throats should be whitened. Grate the gooseneck and put it out.

Take clove oil on cotton and put it in a stick.

Take Kapoor on cotton and put it on a stick and rub the saliva. Some time is ever good for teeth and bone health.

The maximum time is calcium.

Sitting in mild oil by using sesame oil in ovaries such as osteoporosis can reduce the disorder.

Teething a teaspoon black sesame every day consumes teeth.

Toothless oil keeps the teeth clean by dialing the tooth and the gums while sleeping at night.

 The teeth whitening the toothache also cause toothache, but the tooth is covered.

Blend the gourmet powder with pineapple and rub it in half an hour.

Even if the gums are swollen, then using Triphala powders can be of relief.

 Nowadays, there is a toothache disorder from childhood.

The teeth whitening the toothache also cause toothache, but the tooth is covered. Blend the gourmet powder with pineapple and rub it in half an hour.

 Even if the gums are swollen, then using Triphala powders can be of relief.

 The dental parasite can be cured by all the diseases of the teeth.

The tooth stays in the tooth, the tooth is ready again.

 Due to the consumption of greens, the body receives a large amount of Ras son Kerotin. Hence the ‘A’ vitamin has strengthened our body and teeth.

Toothbrushing on the teeth of fresh green leafy cedar froths becomes clean.

It also produces saliva in the mouth. So you can live a healthy and happy life.

 Due to eating two slices of Kalinga dada every day, 25% of vitamin A needs vitamin C, and 25% of vitamin A is available.

This vitamin is extremely useful for the health of teeth and gums.

Iron can absorb more absorption and also harmful chemicals in the body.

Organisms should also be taken regularly Orange is the best source of vitamin C. Therefore, the health of teeth and gums is better.

Iron is absorbed more and more.

Due to the consumption of vitamin C as well as vitamin D destruction or deterioration can be prevented.

 Eating an apple every day can help keep doctors away from yourself.

The apple increases the life of the apple due to apple. Better eating apple juice than biting apple juice improves the health of teeth and gums.

Due to eating an apple, the teeth become clean and strong.

Calcium is important for the body and it strengthens the bones and teeth.

Beat reduces calcium deficiency in the body.

Children and youth should eat well.

This strengthens teeth and gums.

 Grate the oven and roast it. Grate your teeth twice a day with this mixture.

Your teeth are strong and bright.

If you have a toothache, then boil water in boiling water and warm it with lukewarm water.

Toothache stops. Add 10-12 leaves of Peru to the copper water and boil it with 1 tsp salt and 4-5 cloves.

After diluting the water, dilute it twice, and it must be rubbed with water.

This results in the prevention of blood transfusion or toothache and sensation.

 If your gums become swollen due to a toothache, add salt to the glass. Grind it with water.

Diet and anti-bacterial properties in salt cause shortness of toothache.

If there is too much pain, hold a snap near the dentin.

Ice can help reduce swelling and pain.

 Mix a few drops of coconut in a pinch of Hinga.

Paste this paste with cotton balls and add them to common sense.

This can help to reduce your toothache problems.

Clove is a household remedy that is beneficial to the pain.

Cloves cause antibacterial properties to be effective in the destruction of bacteria in the mouth.

Diabetes Treatment | How to Control Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes  – 

Diabetes is very common in today’s time. In the way the lifestyle is nowadays, diabetes is keeping its grip very fast. The situation is that not only people of the same age but in today’s time youth and children are also being hit by diabetes.

 This is a dangerous disease, which gradually hollows the body. Once this disease is accompanied by it throughout life. It increases the risk of blood sugar, and insulin does not work properly. That is, it also encounters many problems. If this is ignored then the other limbs of the body can become inactive.

                                   Diabetes Treatment                                         

Diabetes Reason  –

 You must know that our pancreatic gland does not work properly or it becomes completely useless due to diabetes. Although there are many other factors in getting diabetes, the pancreatic gland is the biggest cause.

Different types of hormones are released from the pancreatic gland, among which are insulin and glucose. Insulin is very useful for our body. In our blood through our insulin, our cells get sugar, i.e. insulin acts as a way to bring sugar to other parts of the body. Only the cells or cells receive energy from the sugar provided by insulin.

 The cause of diabetes is a low formation of insulin hormone. When insulin is less then the cells are not able to reach the cells properly and the energy of the cells starts decreasing and due to this, the body gets damaged. Problems like having unconsciousness, heartbeats, and so on.

 Apart from this, the 3 reasons mentioned below are also responsible for having diabetes.

 Due to diabetes, a low incidence of insulin causes excess sugar in the blood because the body energy decreases due to the accumulation of sugar in the blood so that it is removed through the urine. Due to this, the patient comes to urine again and again.

 The main cause of diabetes is also genetic. If there is any member of your family, parents, siblings, then in the future you also get the possibility of getting diabetes.

 Those who suffer from obesity are also more prone to diabetes. Your weight is very high, your BP is very high and cholesterol is also not balanced even if you have diabetes. Apart from this, the lack of exercise also invites diabetes.

 Frequent eating Eat more than needed Over-eating yogurt Eat more sugar.

 Geneticism Having pancreas disorders.

 Eating heavy food, not doing physical labor.

 To eat or eat fast. To get more tension. Or giving to others.

Sitting work means a lack of exercise.

 Increasing age or weakening of the digestive system.

 Increase in the body. The stomach is not cleaned.

 If you have to urinate again in the night, it can be a sign of diabetes.

There may be diabetes or pre-diabetes mites more than twice the night. Since the continuous urination of blood, the amount of sugar in the blood has to be increased.

When sugar grows in the blood, the body takes it out through urination.

Symptoms of Diabetes

 All-day will feel tired. Even after taking a lot of sleep every day, even after rising in the morning, you feel like your sleep has not been completed and the body is tired. These things show that sugar levels in the blood are constantly growing.

 If there is diabetes, urination begins to occur again and again. When the excess quantity of sugar is collected in the body, it exits from the path of urination, due to which the complaint of the diabetic patient begins to develop urine repeatedly.

 The diabetic patient feels thirsty again and again. Since the water and sugar of the body go out through the urine, due to which there is always a thirsty situation. People often take this thing lightly and can not understand that their disease has started now.

 At the onset of diabetes, there is a considerable impact on the eyes. At the beginning of the disease in the patient of diabetes, the eyesight starts diminishing and the blur appears. To see any object, it has to emphasize the eyes. At the onset of diabetes, suddenly the weight starts decreasing rapidly. Man’s weight starts to be low on average than normal days.

 The patient’s weight of diabetes is low but hunger is also increased. Man’s appetite increases manifold than other days. There is a desire to eat again and again.

 If your body is hurt or wound somewhere and it does not get filled up fast, even if there is a small scratch, it will gradually turn into a big wound and the symptoms of infection begin to appear clearly.

 Diabetes does not cure any type of infection in the body of the patient. If you have a viral, chronic cold or any bacterial infection, you will not get relief. Small infections that easily recover themselves become wounds.

 At the onset of diabetes, many diseases of the skin begin to occur. Common infections of the skin become big wounds.

  Diabetes Test  –

 People who are suffering from diabetes should check glucose from time to time. Because of the glucose level of the patients of diabetes increases then it can be very dangerous for the patient. Along with this, blood tests are also important for diabetics, it shows that the kidneys are functioning properly or not.

 Diabetes has a great impact on the kidney. Regular check keeps the patient away from the problem of a kidney.

 Cholesterol testing can also be very costly to ignore cholesterol. Because of the increased cholesterol in diabetics, the risk of heart disease doubles. The amount of glucose in the blood can slow down the cholesterol due to which it becomes sticky and this is the reason why cholesterol starts to grow rapidly. Bad cholesterol accumulates in the arteries of the blood and causes heart problems.

 High blood pressure can be quite fatal in diabetic patients. Having high blood pressure in diabetes can also cause heart problems, heart attack, kidney, and eyes. To avoid these, it is important that you get regular blood pressure check.

 Foot tests Diabetic patients may have foot problems. If there is any problem with the feet in diabetics, it should be taken seriously because the sensitivity of the feet slowly decreases. Therefore, minor injuries in the feet may be dangerous for patients.

 Eye Checking When the level of glucose in the blood is extended for a long time, its direct effect falls on the retina. This is called retinopathy. The damage to the eyes is not known easily, for this the patient needs to be regularly checked. If the retinopathy treatment is not treated, then the patient can also be blind. Many times the diabetic patient appears to be blurred. In such a case, contact the doctor immediately.

  What are the challenges of diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that affects other organs. Although this disease does not show its effect in other organs if the amount of sugar in the blood increases, then due to this 5-10 years, the other organ also gets affected. Due to this, there may be some malfunction in the kidneys, eyes, foot nerves. Heart disease is most likely to grow. Due to this, the risk of having paralysis and transfusion of blood in the leg is more.

 If there is an artery block due to this, then there may be a heart attack. Apart from this, the possibility of brain stroke increases in the brain by obstructing the supply of blood. This situation does not come suddenly, but it is due to the 10-year-old history. Also, there are microvascular related problems, it is related to the kidney if it is done then the treatment becomes difficult.

Treatment of Diabetes –  

Diabetes is a disease that is not dependent on any medication. It is a lifestyle linked disease and you can get rid of this disease by changing your lifestyle. People who are not serious, even after getting diabetic, are not serious, that is, they do not leave sweet food, they are fond of fast food, do not focus on growing weight, do not exercise or do yoga, drink alcohol and eat sweet For those who do not stop it is very difficult to live. However, it is possible to get rid of diabetes if the patient remains serious about his disease and making necessary changes in his lifestyle.

How to Prevent Diabetes By avoiding low calorie, especially low-saturated fat, you can save yourself from getting into diabetes. Add vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, dairy products, and omega-3 fats to your diet. Also, eat more quantity of fiber.

 The more you tense, the more you will follow the unhealthy habits. Many types of research have shown that due to stress the secretion of the hormones is bound and increases the level of blood glucose. So try ways to avoid stress.

 There is no such evidence that diabetes can be stopped forever. As you grow older, the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems also increase which are associated with diabetes. Therefore, after the age of 45, it is important to have a thorough health check regularly every year.

 Bitter gourd is very beneficial in diabetes, bitter carries a chemical called creatine, so it is used as a natural steroid, which does not increase sugar levels in the blood. 100 ml of bitter gourd By taking so much water in juice, it is beneficial to take three times a day.

 Fenugreek is very beneficial for diabetic patients. If you eat 50 grams of fenugreek daily, then your glucose level will go down, and you will get relief from diabetes.

 Jamun-Jamun juice, leaf, and seeds can eliminate the disease of diabetes by root. By making powdered dry seeds of Jamun, taking one spoon twice a day with water or milk provides relief.

 Mix one spoon of Amla juice in the juice of bitter gourd and drink it every day, it is the best medicine for diabetes.

 Keep 15 grams of fresh mangoes soaked in 250 mL of water overnight. After this, filter this water in the morning and drink it. Apart from grinding the dry mango leaves, taking them in the form of powders also results in diabetes.

Honey rich in carbohydrate, calories and many types of micro-triangle is beneficial for diabetes. Honey helps in reducing diabetes.

  Control diabetes : –

Amla juice is good medicine for diabetics. Drinking it with honey and turmeric powder leads to diabetes control.

 Blood sugar ratio — (mg 1000) General person,

 hunger, belly 60 to 110 and diabetic up to 140 after eating With hunger 140 and after eating more than 200.

  Drinking 25 grams of black gram in the morning and taking away empty stomach in the morning, diabetes is removed.

If the same amount of barley bread is eaten in the same quantity, then it will be of immediate use Blood sugars remain due to low ground roasted peanuts. This allows you to read from a disease like diabetes.

 Green peas have high fiber and protein. Which controls the body’s blood level. Due to this, its consumption is also beneficial for diabetics.

 Mix two teaspoons of linseed seeds in two cups of water and boil till halfway. Filter the prepared decoction and drink it on a little cool.

The decoction of linseed proves to be a boon for people suffering from diabetes problems. Regularly in the empty stomach in the morning, the level of diabetes is controlled by the consumption of real debris.

 Grab every grass and eat it. A lot of salt should be mixed in the food. Even so, 50% of diabetes mishaps reduce quickly. Sugar reduces.

 Ugandan Eugenol helps prevent diabetes. So, the fiber in it controls blood sugar levels. People who want to lose weight. They should take a regular diet of okra. Fennel fiber helps in increasing your caloric intake and helps reduce your weight. Eugenol in females is very beneficial for diabetes.

It stops the sugar levels in the body, which reduces the risk of diabetes. There are several types of compounds found in cinnamon that help control blood sugar. Cinnamon milk is particularly beneficial for patients of type-2 diabetes.

 The work of our kidneys is to purify the blood and to remove the waste and toxic substances of the body.

The pancreas plays a key role in digestion by secreting some digestive enzymes in the intestine. Also, it secretes a hormone called insulin which acts to control the glucose levels of the body, which does not cause diabetes.

 Aloe vera’s juice removes diarrhea, diabetes, uterine disease and stomach disorders Mix the juice of MiGra Amla in 2 grams turmeric powder. Take this solution twice a day. By taking this, the quantity of sugar in the blood is regulated.

 Collect a tomato, a cucumber, and a bitter gourd. Take the juice together by mixing these three. Take this juice in the morning and the morning empty stomach.

It benefits from diabetes. Fennel is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

Diabetes is in control by eating fennel. Fennel should be eaten every day after eating.

 Diabetic patients should eat berries. Black Jamun Diabetes is considered as the perfect medicine for patients.

The amount of sugar in the blood is controlled by eating Jamun with black salt.

 Stevia’s plant is very beneficial for diabetics.

Stevia is very sweet but sugar is free. Insulin is easily free from the pancreas by eating stevia. Patients of diabetes should use asparagus juice and milk.

Due to the same amount of the juice of the asparagus and milk, diabetic patients should be consumed before sleeping at night.

It keeps diabetes under control.

 Diabetic patients should regularly drink two teaspoons neem juice and 4 teaspoons of banana leaves mixed.

 Mix four teaspoons amla juice, guitar leaves and make a spinal cord, drink diabetes in control.

Wheat plants have anticonvulsant properties. Curd juice is kept under control by consuming juice from small plants of wheat and consuming it.

 Diseases of the diabetic diet should be eaten chewed well. Due to good chewing, diabetes can also be controlled.

 Diabetics should exercise regularly and do yoga. Wash moderate (stout or uncut) leaves of Sathafula tree, wash them in saltwater and garnish with stove and swallow it.

On the first day, laxatives may suffer from vomiting, laxatives.

This experiment is done for 15 days in a row.

 Do not drink water for half an hour after eating.

If you eat a pitcher of thumbs and drink it then drink it.

Sugar does not increase due to the intake of jaggery after eating. Eat a piece of junk after coming from outside and drink it.

This does not increase the sugar.